Monday, September 24, 2012

Trip to Macau

Friday, we took a trip to Macau on the Turbo Jet, It was really cool, and it took about an hour to get over there. Macau is another East meet West country. It is an formal Portuguese colony, from the mid 15th century to 1999.

In 1557 Macau was rented to Portugal by the Chinese empire as a trading port. The Portuguese administered the city under Chinese authority and sovereignty until 1887, when Macau became a colony of the Portuguese empire.

 On the ferry to Macau

 Senado Square
 Portuguese Tiles

 St. Lawrence's Church
 I was a celebrity. The mainland China people wanted to take a pic with me

 Ruins of St. Paul
 Protestant Cemetary

 The Las Vegas of Asia

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Symphony of Lights Show

On our way to Causeway bay, we decided to watch the Symphony of Lights show in Tsim Sha Tsui.

 Afterwards, we caught a ferry to Hong Kong Island.

 In the area of Causeway bay, we went to a popular desert spot, Yee Shun Milk Company. They make steammed milk puddings.

I did not get the chance to do my own recording of the Symphony of Lights, but below is a video I found of the show:

First Friday Welcome BBQ Cookout

Last Friday, SCAD sponsored a free BBQ to welcome students to the campus. A few of the Hong Kong students did performances at the event, and they gave information on the various student clubs. I love the student life here.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Assignment 1 : Market Research

Two other classmates and I decided to take a trip to Central on the MTR. Our assignment was to get a customer profile (find women that live the lifestyle of the clothes)

Central is just like NYC. The district is very fast paced, people dress really nice, and full of luxuries

 The Armani store  here includes all of his lines, and it sells flowers, chocolate, and turns to a nightclub

School of Fashion - Special Topics Course

Course Description:
This course introduces students to understand the spirit of teamwork. By setting up a virtual design house, Professor as director, students as designers. Students will learn how to design by  following project direction to meet Client's criteria.

In the design house, each student is going to design a mini collection for one city: London, New York, Paris, Milan, or Tokyo

Avard grade = London
Glamour = New York
Elegant = Paris
Sexy = Milan
Kawaii = Tokyo

My city is Paris

Beauty Everywhere You Go

I visited China in 2008, and I thought Hong Kong would be the same. Hong Kong is so much different. Its beautiful, and it reminds me of NYC.

Enjoying the Gold Coast before school starts